Monday, May 31, 2010

Daiya. It's to Daiya for.

Oh, I'm so punny.

So it would appear a lot of people come to my blog because it's the first page that comes up if you do a google search for Daiya vegan lasagna. While this makes me happy, it also makes me embarrassed because if you recall, my only posted lasagna attempt looked a lot like vomit. If any of you vegans saw that gooey mess and thought "hm, I would like to try that" I would like to hear how it went. Hopefully you had more sense than I did and you added more layers and/or used a taller dish.

Anyway, Daiya is really taking off now that it's in all the Whole Food's stores nationwide and more and more veggie restaurants are picking it up. (I mean, seriously, vegan/gluten free mac and cheese at Veggie Grill? Amazeballs.) So with more people trying to figure out what to do with their blessed packages of fake cheesyness, I thought I would post a list of my 10 favorite things to do with Daiya. Some with pictures. The rest you will need to use your imagination.

BTW, my cheesyness? 100% real.

1. Vegan daiya cheesy pasta, as mentioned above.

2. Grilled cheese. Duh. Add some tomato soup. Yum.

3. Quesadillas. I know this picture of quesadillas is rather uninspired, you can imagine it is a lot fancier if you prefer. I think I just really wanted to eat it.
daiya quesadillas

4. Daiya Cheese sauce. Cheese sauce usually is 1/2 cup of soy milk and a pinch of salt, boiled, then brought down to simmering. When it's simmering, stir half a pack of cheddar daiya in, along with margarine if you want. Of course, this is just a base, you can probably add jalapenos or drained salsa for queso dip or whatever you want to do with it. I like to use it for baked potatoes.
baked taters with daiya cheese sauce

5. Or you could use it for nachos.
vegan daiya nachos

6. Of course, daiya pizza is good too.
>daiya pizza

7. Vegan Potato Cheese soup (good use if you make too much cheese sauce)
vegan  daiya potato cheese soup

8. Chili cheese veggie dogs/fries. A staple in my home.

9. if you have leftover veggie dogs, make vegan cheddar pigs in a blanket. Kroger crescent roll dough is vegan (you may wanna doublecheck to make sure, I got it at Ralphs here in CA). Add some daiya cheddar and cut up hot dogs, and voila!

10. Or you can bake with it. I experimented baking some cheddar daiya into some corn muffins. It was pretty good, but I think I need a new muffin recipes. Maybe I should contact Betty White.
cheddar corn muffins